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Jianwei Sun

Dear Sir/Madam,

Remember two years ago, Xi Jinping lock Wuhan foster the virus accustomed body of the people in Wuhan but unaccustomed body of other countries people; severely harmed hundreds million global people. Now Xi Jinping lock China again; foster the virus variant accustomed the people in China will severely harm the virus unaccustomed other countries people; in global lift lock to live with virus.

Two years facts have shown Nature evolution accustom human body and virus each other in host-pathogen diversity; in global human population humoral immunity for virus mutation variants. The diversity is virus epitope variation in human individual variation while the natural mechanism of virus epitope induce human body neutralizing antibody against virus epitope to result human body humoral immunity is the same in diversity.

Nature evolution accustom human body and virus each other, at micro level, epitope induce neutralizing antibody against epitope to result humoral immunity, the neutralizing antibody reducing going zero with virus going don’t generate induce antibody response the epitope, to result virus like numerous microbes living within human body; at macro level, large number of people tested with virus without symptom; show the Nature evolution human body variation and virus variation accustom each other in host-pathogen diversity.

The Nature mechanism accustom human body and virus each other could be human body immune response to virus epitope harm; to accustom antibody eliminate virus epitope at virus life cycle of apoptosis for surviving; with virus generate harm human body the epitope to mutate to accustom generate at virus apoptosis for virus surviving. So that the virus become generate harm epitope at apoptosis but apoptosis can not generate harm eprtope for surviving and survived virus go to next apoptosis unable generate harm epitope for surviving, and so on; to result virus surviving in human body not generate induce neutralizing antibody response the epitope to cause human body sick symptom.

Both human genome and virus genome accustomed each other the mutation record data of virus epitope and human body humoral immunity diversity for cell replication to result population immune in accustomed diversity; against selective human body harmed by selective virus to sick.

In open unlock environment, human genome and virus genome naturally record all diversity data for all the people in unlock environment as one global population immunity; in the population dealing with human individual variation and virus variation.

Lock isolated region foster the virus variant genome only record data for the virus accustom with the people in the lock region; both the virus and outside region the people genomes have not had data for cell replication in mutual match accustom surviving together. So lock region foster the virus variant will generate harm epitope in the body of outside lock region the people to harm the people sick, even death.

Specific only lock, test, control the person from Xi Jinping lock the China enter other countries is necessary for avoid tragedy of two years ago caused by Xi Jinping lock Wuhan; because Xi Jinping lock China only for Xi Jinping self god-ship propaganda Xi Jinping superior with selective nucleic acid test lock region the people for selective virus infect positive or negative. When Xi Jinping let people from lock the China go to enter other countries with proof of nucleic acid test negative without specify the negative for what epitope and for the person whether humoral immune for what epitope; global countries should ask Xi Jinping pay for the people to get the data for the people whether humoral immune for what epitope; for the people want to enter other countries to evaluate; by Xi Jinping lock China to isolate the people out of global population immunity.


Jianwei Sun
Jianwei Sun


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