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Demande de partenariat

Bonjour, nous sommes une ONG congolaise dans le domaine de l'environnement et du climat. Comment rentrer en contact avec vous ?



  • Hello Roland Pouabou  

    Thank you for contacting us.

    In accordance with the Strategy for support via Swedish civil society organisations 2016-2022, international CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) and non-Swedish civil society groups cannot, except in exceptional cases, apply for any kind of grant or funding directly from Sida. Sida’s mission according to the above is instead to support CSOs in developing countries through Swedish Strategic Partner Organisations. Therefore - while we appreciate the work your organisation performs in Congo and taking your time to contact us - we are currently unable to fulfill your request.

    Should you wish to seek funding, applying for it with one of our 15 Strategic Partner Organisations What is a Strategic Partner Organisation (SPO)? - Sida svarar - Sida is the primary way to do so. One of the largest actors is ForumCiv, which serves as an umbrella organisation for some 160 Swedish CSOs working with development cooperation across a wide range of issues.

    Please visit our website to read more about how Sida works with civil society organisations.Support to civil society organisations | Sida
    You can also keep an eye on current calls and announcements for proposals.Calls and announcements | Sida

    Kind regards,

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