How do we discuss a potential partnership with Sida as an international CSO?

Sida supports international CSOs through several different government strategies.

During 2024 Sida has been commissioned by the government to review the current model for support within the Strategy for Sweden’s Development Cooperation with Civil Society (the CSO strategy) and open up for support to be mediated through organisations both in Sweden and in other countries, as well as for direct support to CSOs in countries eligible for Official Development Assistance. In line with the new directions, Sida announced a call for expression of interest for civil society organisations in May. The call is now closed and the selection process is in progress. The new partnerships are expected to take effect 2025.

Since the call has closed and Sida is reviewing the current model it is not possible to discuss partnerships or apply for grants within the CSO strategy.

Find more information about the selection process here:
The selection of CSO-partners for Sida | Sida
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